Axiory | Review | CFD Trading Platform

Axiory | Review | CFD Trading Platform

Axiory | Review | CFD Trading Platform Review

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Find all you need to know about Axiory Trading Platform.



  1. 1.What is Axiory Broker?
  2. 2.10 points summary
  3. 3.How Protected are you with Axiory broker?
  4. 4.Awards
  5. 5.Is Axiory a Scam or Safe?
  6. 6.Account
  7. 7.Trading Instruments
  8. 8.Trading Platforms
  9. 9.Trading Fees
  10. 10.Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  11. 11.Education
  12. 12.Customer Support
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What is Axiory Broker?



Founded in 2011, Axiory Broker is a verified and leading Forex broker regulated by IFSC.

Nowadays, hundreds of brokers are emerging daily. Among all the hundred brokers,

it becomes hard to find a leading one. Today, in this article, we are giving an honest review about Axiory.


From the choice of trading instruments to trading platforms, Axiory has out-ranked all in every technical aspect.


According to Axiory customer support, they founded this organization so that they can provide transparent and smooth trading to traders all over the world.

To this and much more, scroll down to know more about Axiory.




Bonuses available

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Wide range of trading instruments

Only two base currencies available

Trading platforms are suitable for every experienced and non-experienced trader





10 Points Summary





IFSC (Belize)


MT4, cTrader


Forex, Energies, CFD Indices, Metals Stock and CFDs,

EUR/USD Spread

1.2 pip

Demo Account


Minimum deposit

$50 for MAX account

Base currencies

Numerous currencies


Learning materials available along with technical analysis

Customer Support

Available 24/5




How Protected Are You with Axiory?

Either the broker you have selected is worth to be trusted or not? Knowing the background of the broker before spending even a single penny on it is necessary.

Axiory has applied extra policies for the protection of investors’ funds.


Axiory offers negative balance protection and hedging to every trader.


The negative balance is a plus point for both parties: The trader as well as the Broker. Feel safe to invest with Axiory.




Regulated by IFSC 


Negative balance protection


Hedging available







Axiory starts its organization to provide transparent trading to its user, and it proved it. Last year in 2020, Axiory was awarded as the 

Most Transparent Broker – 2020 by International Investor Awards.

Along with this award, the list of other awards won by Axiory is as under,

Best Customer-Centric Broker

Excellent in Customer Service

CEO of Axiory Roberto d’Ambrosio won the award of Best CEO in the Forex Brokerage Industry by Business Worldwide CEO awards 2020



Is Axiory a scam or safe?


Is it safe to invest with an Axiory broker? Or will it waste your money and nothing else?

Thousands of questions like these must revolve in your mind when you decide to start trading with the broker.

Axiory is a verified broker by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). 

Axiory is a 100% safe broker to invest in. This broker provides its services globally except in the following countries.

North Korea

United States of America



Islamic Republic of Iran






Axiory offers its traders a total of three accounts. From the Standard to Nano to Max, you can select any account according to your preference and need.


Nano Account: If you are a kind of trader who desires to trade with tight spreads, then this account is perfect for you.


The maximum leverage level available on this account is up to 1:400, and the commission fee per standard lot is $6.

The minimum deposit amount on the Nano account is $100.


Standard Account: The best thing about having the Standard account is that it doesn’t charge commission fees.


The tight available spread is 1.2 pips. And the minimum deposit amount required is $100.


Max Account: The third type of account offered by Axiory is the Max account.


The maximum leverage level available is 1:777. $0 is the commission fee on spreads.

The minimum deposit is $50, and the spread available is 1.8 pips.


All accounts support the same base currencies: USD and EUR. Protection of negative balance and hedging is also available on all accounts.






Islamic account available


Demo account for practice is also available on an unlimited basis


Three live account types are available




Trading Instruments

Axiory offers CFD trading instruments such as Precious Metals, Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Indices. You got up to 60 Forex currency pairs. The major Stocks companies include Netflix, Facebook, and Apple. According to the Axiory site, the most traded commodities include 


Electricity, Crude Oil, and Natural gas. The available spread over each product is up to 0.4 pips.


The metals provided by Axiory to trade with are Gold, Palladium, Silver, and Platinum. The applied leverage level on these metals is up to 1:200 and 1:100.




Wide range of instruments

CFD instruments are highly risky

Both Forex and CFD instruments are available


Commission fee over instruments is zero







Trading Platforms


Axiory Broker offers two main trading platforms to its traders: cTrader and Meta-Trader 4.4

The MT4 platform includes almost all the necessary features that any trader looks for.

This platform has built-in pointers that indicate any potential entry and exit. Meta-Trader 4 also offers customized charts and scripts.

The Meta-Trader 4 of Axiory is supported on Web-Trader, Mac, Smartphones, and Windows.


cTrader is also a popular trading platform but not as famous as MT4. The cTrader includes native indicators and 1-log into all account options. The design of the cTrader is modern.





Available in different languages

No bonuses 

Offers two popular platforms, cTrader, and MT4





Trading Fees

As we have mentioned above that Axiory doesn’t have additional charges, but it charges commission-based fees according to the account type.

If you are a Nano account holder, then you have to pay around $6 per lot. Axiory has 0$ commission fees for the other accounts, Standard and Max,


Moreover, Axiory doesn’t charge inactivity and rollover fees, no matter how late night you keep the account trading.





No rollover fees

The tax applies if the deposit or withdrawal amount is less than $200 

No inactivity fees


No additional charges over products and stocks


Bonuses available





Deposit & Withdrawal Options


Here comes another judging factor. The minimum deposit amount varies based on account type. If you use a Max account, then you need to pay $50 as a minimum deposit. You can deposit the amount through various methods such as,






International Wire Transfer


Credit/debit card




A deposit via direct bank transfer takes up to 3-10 working days. However, the credit/debit card transition process is immediate. Deposit through Skill, Sticpay, Neteller, and VLoad are also instant transition methods. BitPay and ThunderXPay transition process takes up to few hours.

Either you make a deposit or withdrawal if the amount is less than $200; you have to pay up to $10-15. The same case is here: withdrawal through Neteller, Sticpay, VLoad, and Skrill is instantaneous. While other process takes up to 10 business days.





To support the beginner traders and to keep them motivated towards trading. Axiory is providing quality educational material. The educational material provided by Axiory includes basic knowledge about trading platforms & CFD instruments, strategies to grow the business, more information about leverage use, and market basis.


Along with the educational material, Axiory also provides inclusive technical inquiry for both beginners and professionals. This analysis helps the trader to make more strategies for the growing market game. Wide ranges of tools are also provided by Axiory such as Auto-chartist, Calculators, and My-Axiory.



Customer Support


One thing to be mention here is that, even though Axiory customer service is not available 24/7, but still, Axiory broker is known as the Best Customer-Centric Broker.


The customer support of Axiory is available 24/5. It means you can have their services from Monday to Friday. The broker is off on weekends. 



Live chat service is also available on the official site. Agents from countries like Singapore, Chile, Belize, Cyprus, and UAE are available to handle the call requirements.





Best customer support system

Not available 24/7 

Fast in response


Support live chat agents











Trading is one of the best ways to make passive income. In today’s busy world, every person is finding ways to make his life better and comfortable with every passing second. If you also want to make your living standard better, then do invest with Axiory Broker.


All the terms and conditions of the broker are customer-friendly. From the process of opening an account to the process of withdrawing money, everything is easy and convenient. Start trading with a minimum deposit of only $50, and you can also earn bonuses up to $5,000. Don’t waste your time, and start trading today.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the types of accounts offered by Axiory?

Standard, Nano, and the Max account are the three types of accounts offered by Axiory.


Does Axiory charge deposition and withdrawal fees?

If your transaction is less than $200, then yes, Axiory does charge on each deposit and withdrawal.


Who regulated Axiory?

The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) regulates Axiory.


Does a client from the US can trade with Axiory?

No, Axiory does not take clients from the US.


What is the minimum deposition requirement of the Axiory?

The minimum deposit required by Axiory is $50.



Axiory | Review | CFD Trading Platform

Axiory | Review | CFD Trading Platform Licenses:

Axiory Global Limited - authorized by IFSC (Belize), and the registration no. is 000122/15




Min. Deposit:


MT4, cTrader

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