About Us 

Here to help you, either you are a noob or a pro! 

Why have 99brokers started? Our primary objective to create this site is to facilitate our novice or seasoned traders with the best reviews of the forex brokers. This platform is to lessen the hustle and bustle of you guys who search for reviews here and there and still be worried if the reviews are imposter or genuine. 

We, here, are a community of experienced traders who have used almost all brokers present in the market. Being experienced and professional, we have decided to help our traders’ community by providing genuine reviews for each broker. You can completely rely on us because we do not believe in other people. We believe in our experience and then jot down authentic and helpful reviews. 

Our site is a completely free online resource from where you can understand trading jargon and an unparalleled level of brokers’ reviews with detailed information that gives effective advice. 

How can you compare forex brokers and find a promising one for you? 

In our reviewing pattern, we have taken into account a large range of ranking factors such as fees, spreads, trading platforms, charting, and analysis. Everything that ticks the broker and makes your trade successful comes under our reviewing list. So, you can easily compare these factors in different brokers and see which one suits you the best and looks promising as well. 

The best forex broker is often the matter of individual preference. The preference can be of currency pairs, trading platforms, and much more. You can find all these factors in our reviews. Thus, visit our site and read our reviews without any skepticism of fake or paid reviews because we don't sell fakeness. 


Here’s what you need to know more about us! 

Professional, Experienced, and Genuine! 

The quality of the reviewing service we provide is undeniably genuine without a doubt. We offer comprehensive, up-to-date, and precise reviews and comparisons that you can take advantage of free of cost. Our writers are extremely professional in this nook and they write accurate information about the brokers. 

We are Nominal! 

Finding the right broker from hundreds of brokers present in the market is a difficult chore. That is why our team at 99brokers has made it easy for you to find the best one in the market. We explain the criteria that you should use to shortlist the forex brokers. 

To review each broker, we go beyond the hype and assess the broker thoroughly keeping in view all of the important factors of the broker. We look for must-haves and nice-to-haves tools in the brokers to let you know and decide which one is suitable and best for you. 

Our Perception 

Our task is to provide our readers with genuine, non-paid, and helpful reviews. When it comes to satisfying our viewers, we put in our maximum effort and provide quality content. Let us claim that again. We settle for high quality, nothing less! That is.