FBS | Review | CFD Trading Platform

FBS | Review | CFD Trading Platform

FBS | Review | CFD Trading Platform Review

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Find all you need to know about FBS Trading Platform.



  1. What is FBS?
  2. 10 points summary
  3. FBS Scam or Legit?
  4. How Secure Are You With FBS?
  5. Leverage
  6. Accounts
  7. Types of Accounts
  8. How to Open an Account?
  9. Fees
  10. Trading Instrument
  11. Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  12. What is the minimum deposit required for FBS?
  13. Trading Platforms
  14. Customer Support
  15. Education
  16. Conclusion


What Is FBS?

FBS is known as the leading trading platform in more than 190 countries since 2009. In the beginning, FBS was only limited up to Belize, but after establishing itself and winning numerous awards, FBS also become a part of Cyprus Broker.

After associating with Cyprus Broker, the business of FBS extends up to a great level. FBS builds trust for itself in the heart of the European public.


Restricted, held in the framework of EU commission, a trader with valuable info and a professionally sanctioned brokerage network earned great abilities, driving the production of FBS much stronger. 

Also, we will review its exchanging plan and terms in our FBS review to see how competitive they are.




Official Trading Partner of FC Barcelona

Trading instruments are bounded

International Broker in more than 190 counties

Trading stipulations vary conforming to the operation

Uses both MT4 & MT5 platforms



10 Points Summary



MT4, MT5, and FBS trader

EUR/UD Spread

0.9 pips


Marshall Island, Belize, and Cyprus


Forex, CFDs on Indices, Metals, and Energies





Forex Education including Webinars, Videos and Forex TV

Minimum deposit


Base currencies

Numerous coinages available

Demo Account

Available on an unlimited basis

Customer Support

Available 24/7



Awards are also presented to those who deserve them. In the trading market, we all know that FBS is a renowned brand.

It would be an injustice not to mention FBS's success in this review article. From 2009 to today, FBS has been the winner of 40 international trading awards. These awards make FBS the Best Leading Brokerage with Great Customer Services.

Lastly, FBS won the Most Transparent Forex Broker 2018, Most Progressive Forex Broker Europe 2019, Best Forex Brand Asia, and three awards from the Prestigious European Magazine in 2020. FBS itself share this amazing news with its users.



FBS Scam or Legit?

Now the main question, Is FBS is safe to use or a scam. Well, the honest answer to the question is, Yes, FBS is 100% safe to use, and not a scammer at all.

FBS is a premium brand used on the Tradestone Ltd, a Cyprus-registered investment firm, an EU-registered investment firm, and a MiFID-regulated investment firm registered with CySEC.


In the Belize and Marshall Islands, as these are downstream areas that don't show their trustworthy status on their own, an independent FBS agency is based. 


The International Financial Service Commission or IFSC of Belize Financial Regulators primarily register organizations instead of controls them.

However, FBS, along with the European CySEC Regulation, a broker that meets regulatory criteria and thus provides stable trade flows.




Expanded globally

Protection ways vary according to the entity

Registered with CySEC


Leading Forex brokerage


Protection of negative balance


Trusted brand worldwide



How Secure Are You With FBS?

Matter of fact, before you join any brokerage firm, trading with a licensed broker that conforms to stringent requirements will be a first and crucial element. There are many stringent regulations on fund security throughout this case, FBS with all its secured approval and accordance with the MiFID guideline, while FBS holds brokers investments in separated accounts, rendering it unavailable for every other organization use, and also improving capacities and preservation of Negative Balance.


 In comparison, being a Cyprus Investment Company, FBS comes under the Subsidy Program, which covers the investments of the investor in the context of the sovereign debt problem of the broker.



Undoubtedly, by multiplying the initial balance, leverage levels go up the trading scale, bringing large access to more and better returns. Based on certain variables, like your experience level, location, what instrument you are using, and also coming under regulatory restrictions, provided leverage as usual. Accordingly,


Nevertheless, do make prepared to inquire where to use leverage skillfully not only for benefit but also to mitigate the possibility of rapidly losing your investments. 

The maximum leveraging implies a possibility of losing in contrast to its option of winning, which might not also be the better decision for quite newcomers.


FBS offers leverage up to 1:3000



FBS offers both live trading as well as demo accounts. If you are starting trading as a newcomer, then the best advice for you is to use the demo account.

Losing your investment by a single mistake will sound too heartbroken, so for figuring out the game of trading and more about FBS, use the demo account first. Once you think that you are well trained for real trading, and then turn towards a live trading account.




Switch to live account from demo account easily

According to the Forex Entity, the types of trading accounts vary

Start trading with a minimum deposit of $1


The account opening process is fast



Types of Accounts

FBS has a total of four types of accounts for its users. 


  1. Cent Account


Cent accounts for best for those users who are stepping into the trading world. The minimum deposit they are required to invest is only $1. The leverage level they are offered is up to 1:1000.


  1. Standard Account


The second type of account FBS offer is the Standard account. If you have experience in the trading game, then a standard account is your need. The minimum needed deposit is $100, and the offered leverage level is up to 1:3000.


  1. Micro Account


If you only want to calculate your profit percentage, then do open a Micro account. The initial deposit required is $5, and the leverage level is up to 1:3000.


  1. Zero Account


This type of account is recommended for those who prefer fast trading. $500 is the initial deposit, and the leverage level is up to 1:3000.


How to Open an Account?

The best thing about FBS terms and policy is that opening an account is the most convenient process ever. The support system will guide you. Following is the step by step of opening an account.


  1. Click on the sign-up option and fill the registration form
  2. Fill out all the necessary basic data: name, email, number
  3. After that, you will receive a verification mail, confirm that to verify yourself
  4. At this point, you can stop here if you want to have a demo account, and if, not then continue the below process
  5. Now choose the type of account you want to have and choose your currency
  6. Define your trading experience and give proof of your identity
  7. Submit the form and deposit the money
  8. Lastly, choose you to want to start trading stocks or FX products


It is the simple process of opening an account with FBS. Make sure to input your correct data to avoid every wear and tear.



The fee is also an important factor to be determined at the time of registration. According to the general rule of thumb, you have to pay spread for every order you receive. Other than that, withdrawal fee and inactivity fee is also relevant.



Low fee deduction

The amount of fee will vary according to the type of account

No additional taxes


Forex fee is also reasonable



Our find on Forex Fees

As there are two main types of account, you would have the choice of either investing with both the Regular Spread Account starting at 1 pip, or providing a close spread when trading with the Cent account. 

Therefore, the average distribution on the EUR USD pair standard account is 0.9, and the EUR USD spread on the Cent Account is 3 pips.


As there are ECN accounts eligible with pure distribution and commission fees per lot, the foreign offer is subtly different.


Comparison with other Brokers


Trading Instruments

As for the trading service itself, through the use of common instruments like Metals, Forex, and all linked by separated implementation via the Stp process, FBS introduces straightforward criteria for trading. FBS also spends on innovation, allowing a simpler and much convenient trading mechanism followed by the effective execution it offers.


Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The process of depositing and withdrawing money is simple. You can use MasterCard or Visa Card, or you can use Skrill and e-wallet.



Provides a wide variety of methods

Taxes may be applicable under the method used

The process is very convenient


The minimum amount can be withdrawn





What is the minimum deposit required for FBS?

Only through a Cent account, you can trade with FBS. With this account, you are required to deposit a minimum of $10 to start the trading journey.


Trading Platforms

To match the footprints of today's time, FBS uses modern trading platforms like Meta-Trader 4, Meta-Trader 5, and FBS Trader. All these platforms are next level.



All used platforms are of high-class

Not such cons found

All are available in different languages


Convenient to use and understand




Customer Support

To provide quality service to its users, FBS customer support is available 24/7.



The response is quick

No complaints found

Live Chat service is also available

Commission fees are not the cheapest.


The support system is very corporative




To educate the user more about the trading game, FBS organizes various educational programs. The main purpose of these programs is to guide beginners appropriately.

The basic strategy is taken through a demo account, which is available on an unlimited basis.



Solid material provided for learning purpose


Proven as a helping hand for many beginners




Throughout this article, we examined every single aspect of FBS, Now at the end of this article, we have concluded that FBS is one of the best and most authentic platforms for trading.

Investing in FBS will be a wise decision you can ever make.



FBS | Review | CFD Trading Platform

FBS | Review | CFD Trading Platform Licenses:

Tradestone Limited -authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) & registration no. is 353534.


Up to 1:3000


Min. Deposit:

Belize, Cyprus.

MT4, MT5, and FBS trader

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