ETFinance Broker | Review | CFD Trading Platform

ETFinance Broker | Review | CFD Trading Platform

ETFinance Broker | Review | CFD Trading Platform Review

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Find all you need to know about ETFinance Trading Platform.



  1. 1.What is ETFinance
  2. 2.10 Points Summary
  3. 3.Is ETFinance a scam or legit?
  4. 4.Awards
  5. 5.How Protected You Are?
  6. 6.Account
  7. 7.Leverage
  8. 8.Trading Platforms
  9. 9.Trading Instruments
  10. 10.Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  11. 11.Fees
  12. 12.Customer Support
  13. 13.Education
  14. 14.Conclusion


What is ETFinance?

ETFinance was founded back in 2016. The main aim of ETFinance was to provide a platform for global audiences where that can enjoy modern technology and can invest without the fear of scams.

The company is registered under Cyprus laws. ETFinance provides an edge-cutting platform for European investors.


Most beginner traders found it difficult to learn and start trading. ETFinance is specially designed to point out those points that are indispensable for beginner level traders. The number of trading platforms is also unparalleled. ETFinance is using Platforms like Meta-Trader4 and Web-traders.

To this and more, scroll down for the detailed review of finance.




Uses advanced trading platforms and instruments

Service is not available 24/7

Safe and easy to use


Trusted by Millions


Official sponsor of Real Madrid



10 Points Summary






Web-Trader, MT4


Currencies, Indices, Stocks, Crypto-currencies, and commodities

EUR/USD Spread

0.7 pips

Demo Account


Minimum deposit


Base currencies

Few currencies



Customer Support

Available 24/5


Is ETFinance a Scam or Legit?

Here comes the main question, is ETFinance a scam alert or legit? Every authentic broker has some rules with which to regulate it. ETFinance is authorized under the name of MAGNUM FX (Cyprus) with registration number HE 360548.

In simple words, if we have to have to describe ETFinance, then we will say that ETFinance is 100% safe and secure for trading purpose. ETFinance is providing its trading services globally. Its license number is 358/18. 

If you're thinking about your trading business with ETFinance, take our advice and don't waste your time. ETFinance one of the most trusted brokers you can trade.



ETFinance has walked a route full of obstacles. But its spirit of keep going and prove itself make it what it is today. ETFinance is now known as one of the most trusted brokers of Forex. There is a list of awards won by ETFinance.

Most of the awards won by ETFinance are due to its trading platform's performance (MT4 & Web-Trader). Along with it, its model and way of management increased its overall performance. ETFinance is also the official sponsor of Real Madrid. 

Recently, ETFinance has won the title of the Best CFD Broker 2020 & Best Forex Broker 2020.




Negative Balance Protection


Best Broker By Forex for 2020




How Protected You Are?

Trade with only those brokers who make sure to protect your privacy. The news here for you is that ETFinance is also one of those brokers. ETFinance tries its level best to maintain a customer-friendly relationship. This broker has a set of policies and rules that ensure that every trader is protected.

ETFinance protects the funds and data of investors. It also applies a negative balance for the protection of funds. This rule is for those investors who find out to be bankrupt. ETFinance has a fine set of rules to protect it as well as the investor.



Opening an account is the first step in getting into the game of trading. Providing convenience is the prime quality of ETFinance. The process of having an account with ETFinance is simple. We all know that there are two basic types of accounts are present: Demo & Live.

The process of opening an account is as follow,


Fill the form by entering your data,

Choose your live account type (silver, gold, platinum)

Deposit the minimum amount

Submit the form and start trading


At the time of registration, you will have three options for a live account. Choose wisely according to your trading experience.




A simple process of opening an account

Not such cons found

Demo account on an unlimited basis


Islamic account is also available


Live account types based on experience





Life is boring without taking risks. In the trading game, leverage is the risk you can take. If your luck helps you, then the world is yours. But if your stars deceive you, then you know it well that will be the consequences.

ETFinance has a soft corner for its traders. It doesn't want its traders to be heartbroken. So, to prevent the investors from losses and protect their funds, ETFinance offers a maximum leverage level of 1:30 for currency paring and 1:10 for products.

Experienced traders may able to have leverage levels up to 1:40 and 1:50.


Trading Platforms

The next aspect of ETFinance that we are going to review is its trading platform. Trading platforms greatly influence the trading quality. Every broker present right now must have modern trading platforms. ETFinance, as mentioned above, believes in digital trading. It is providing the latest and updated platforms like Meta-Trader & Web-Trader.


Meta-Trader 4 is the ideal option for both types of traders: beginners and experienced. On the other hand, Web-Trader is also a powerful trading platform for any level of trader.

Investigate deeply before choosing anything is a sign of professional and successful persons.



Highly customer friendly


Available in various languages


Mobile, Web, and desktop versions are available




Trading Instruments

Till now, each aspect of the ETFinance that we have reviewed is satisfying. The next thing that we are discussing ETFinance is its trading instruments. ETFinance provides you the most popular and the most used trading instruments.

Trading Instruments like Indices, Metals, Forex Currencies, Energies, Crypto-currencies, and commodities like coffee and Cacao, are offered by the broker: ETFinance.


All these trading instruments are best in their shoes. Be an active mind while choosing any trading instrument. Because you know that, a wrong decision of yours can throw water on your all effort.




Advanced trading instruments

Charges for inactivity

Fast and efficient in performance



Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Let us now look at the options provided by ETFinance for the deposition and withdrawal of money. As mentioned above, that trading account varies based on your experience. The deposit amount also varies.

The minimum deposition limit for a silver account is $100. You can deposit your amount through your bank directly or by eWallet, Debit Card, or Credit Card. Do contact the customer support for the surety of deposition. Taxes may be applicable.

The options for withdrawing money are also great. You can use direct bank transfer for withdrawal. Or you can use Skrill, Master Card, or a Visa Card. 



Supports card payments

Limited options

No extra charges


Requires $100 as a minimum deposit,




This thing always spoils the mode. What is the need to apply a fee on everything? Well, there is! We need to pay taxes on our activities. As we said earlier that, ETFinance has a soft corner for its investor, so it has a deduction in fees.

The amount of fee is different according to account type. For a silver account, the spread is 0.07. For the gold account, it is 0.05 with a 25% rollover discount. 

And for the platinum account, the spread is 0.03 with a 50% swap discount. ETFinance doesn't charge commission separately.



No depositing fees

Inactivity fee

No withdrawal fees


No extra commission


Micro Trading lot available



Customer Support

We are almost close to the end of the review article. Customer support is the second last character that we are going to review. According to the rule of thumb, only those brands are successful in the world, which provides quality service and satisfaction to their users. Glad to know that ETFinance is one of them.

ETFinance customer service is available for 24/5, which means they are off on Friday and Saturday night. Except that, you can have their services whenever and wherever you want. Live chat agents are also available on the site. Their service is also satisfying.



Live chat agents available

No available 24/7

Fast in response


Supportive staff






You will be amazed for sure to know about the educational effort put by ETFinance. We have reviewed many trading sites before, but the education service provided by ETFinance has out-ranked all. ETFinance educates its traders by providing Trading Videos, Relevant blog posts & articles, Different Courses, and Webinars. 


Along with these, the demo account is also available on an unlimited basis. So, waiting for what? ETFinance is the best platform where you can learn and trade. It is better not to waste your time and start trading today.



Education via a demo account is on an unlimited basis


Provides Tutorials and Webinar for educational purpose


Wide variety of educational material available





Trading is considered as one of the hot days these days. Among all the hundreds of brokers, it is hard to select one.

ETFinance has all the necessary as well as quality features that you are looking for, from the terms and policy to the trading platforms and instruments, everything is out-class.


In our opinion, ETFinance is a great broker, 

While shaking partnership hands, keep your focus on the following things,

Provide authentic information,

Check your experience while choosing the live account,

Use educational material to increase your knowledge,

Use demo account for further polishing of your trading skills.


ETFinance Broker | Review | CFD Trading Platform

ETFinance Broker | Review | CFD Trading Platform Licenses:

MAGNUM FX (CYPRUS) LTD - authorized by CySEC (Cyprus) with registration no. 359/18


1:10, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50


Min. Deposit:


Web-Trader, MT4

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